Clicking on the Settings option on LumoTray’s context menu will open the configuration window. The General tab has few but essential options.


You can hover your mouse over most controls and labels to show a tooltip with extra info.


Toggle Features

When not using some of LumoTray’s features, they may be disabled by unchecking the appropriate checkbox.

Doing this will disable that feature and hide any related UI elements (for instance, disabling the Custom Menu feature will remove the Menu entry from the tray icon’s context menu).

Application Settings

On this section you can set the theme to light, dark, or to auto-detect from the current Windows setting.

You can also set LumoTray to launch when Windows starts up.

Tray Icon Click Actions

This section allows you to customize what actions will run when clicking the LumoTray icon in different ways.

You can configure the following click modes:

  • Left click (default is showing the custom menu)

  • Double click (default is toggling all fullscreen modes)

  • Middle click (default is none)


As of Windows 11 Version 22H2 (OS Build 22621.1344) or later, the middle-click functionality is not working due to some undocumented change or bug my Microsoft.

LumoTray should detect the affected version and disable the middle click option and add a note to the user.

This issue has been reported to Microsoft and may hopefully get resolved it a future patch, although at the time of writing this (2023-03-14) I am still waiting for their feedback.

The selectable options are:

  • None

  • Show context menu

  • Open settings window

  • Toggle all fullscreen modes

  • Show custom menu


Right-click is not customizable and always shows the context menu.

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